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20 years experience roaming..

With over 20 years experience roaming the world doing stand up comedy, there’s not many with the breadth of experience as Wayne. Having headlined in over 28 countries, he started out in Australia’s comedy capital, Melbourne.  Within four years he was touring the US with gigs at Carolines, Boston Comedy Club, Gotham, Comic Strip, Montreal Comedy Festival and the world famous “Laff Trax” in Las Vegas.

Needing to spread his wings, Wayne then spent ten years in the UK, based in London and becoming a regular at the Comedy Store, Jongleurs, Glee and Stand Comedy Clubs as well as doing regular tours of the Middle East and Asia.  This sojourn culminated in a very well received Edinburgh Fringe Festival show at the largest arts festival in the world.

Wayne also tours constantly with the Australian and British Military with gigs in East Timor, Sinai, Cyprus, Doha, Dubai, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Wayne's reputation grew

With a career spanning over two eventful decades, Wayne has firmly established himself as a comedic icon, spreading joy and laughter wherever he goes. From humble beginnings in Melbourne, Australia, he honed his craft and quickly became a beloved figure in the local comedy scene. His unique style, combining sharp observational humor with clever storytelling, set him apart from the rest, captivating audiences from the start.

As Wayne’s reputation grew, so did his ambition to share his gift with the world. Taking his show on the road, he embarked on an international tour that would take him to over 28 countries. From the bustling streets of New York City to the charming venues of Europe and beyond, Wayne’s comedic prowess transcended cultural barriers, earning him a dedicated global following.

The United States became a second home for Wayne, where he left a lasting impression on some of the most renowned comedy clubs in the country. Audiences were left in stitches as he graced the stages of legendary venues like Carolines, Boston Comedy Club, Gotham, and the Comic Strip. Each performance showcased Wayne’s undeniable talent for crafting jokes that resonate with people from all walks of life.

Beyond the American shores, Wayne’s comedy reached new heights at the esteemed Montreal Comedy Festival, an event that gathers the finest comedic talents from around the world. His appearances at this prestigious festival solidified his position as an international comedy sensation.